Personal Appointments and Community Spirit

As part of our Regional Tour and community events around Regional NSW, we offer personal appointments with our staff and representatives in private settings.  

But when would you need a personal appointment? 

At Calrossy we relish the opportunity to connect with our community and are excited to answer any questions you may have. Want to know more about Boarding? What are the Bathrooms like? How about Scholarships and Bursaries? How do you apply? What about our philosophy and vision, how does it fit with you and your family? What is our distance education program, and why is it so special? We would love the opportunity to answer all your questions and discuss the needs of your family and child.

Parents, Alumni or Future Students can schedule appointments as part of our Regional Tours. Scheduling a personal Appointment or Enrolment Interview will allow families the chance to discuss one-on-one with staff their particular circumstances in the privacy of your own home or mutual meeting point. These appointments can be easily booked to assist with your busy lifestyle.

Booking a Personal Appointment or Enrolment Interview within a Regional Tour is convenient for both parents and Calrossy. We travel around the state of NSW as part of our Regional Tours and are always happy to meet on your home turf.

For our team, it’s all about connecting with our communities, and if you would like a to make a Personal Appointment, Enrolment Interview or attend a Community Gathering we would love to have you there.

At Calrossy we are committed to being the Heart of Regional Education for all. 


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Please let us know WHEN you would like to meet, any QUESTIONS you might have, specific ISSUES you might wish to discuss, and some PERSONAL INFORMATION about your enquiry, and we will be in touch.