Foundation Programs

The funds raised through the Calrossy Foundation will provide essential financial support for important infrastructure developments, library resourcing, plus scholarships and bursaries for day and boarding students.

The Foundation has benefitted from generous everlasting financial gifts and donations from our Community;

  • Scholarship Fund - Each year our School provides a number of students with Scholarship support. This enables students who may not have been able to attend, the education and opportunity to thrive at Calrossy. Lady Margaret Grieve and Sir Robert Roland Grieve have generously made a Bequest which has been directed to establish this Scholarship Fund. 
  • Find out more on our Scholarships
  • Bursary Fund - A generous Bequest from Jean Mercer (past TCEGS student) has established a Bursary Fund.

    Find out more about Bursary Assistance
  • Library Fund - High quality and accessible resources are paramount to the ongoing success of our children.  The Library Fund is an assurance that we can continue to update and provide these resources for our children, always.
  • Building Fund - Contemporary and State-of-the-Art learning facilities are vital to ongoing success and allow our children to explore and grow to their full potential. This fund allows us to develop and maintain our facilities.  

    Check out our Gallery for our latest Building contributions. 

If you would like to make a contribution to the Calrossy Foundation your gift will be helping to change the future of tomorrows generation. 

Online:      Donate Now  

All receipts contain the Calrossy Foundation name, ABN, date etc for full tax deductibility.


Call:  Michael Wilson, Community Development Coordinator on
          0415 452 263

The Calrossy Foundation is a Registered Charity with the Australian Charities and Not For Profits Commission 

Online Instructions: 

Donations - Tax Deductible Donations -
Then choose the ‘Fund’ to donate to specifically ie:

  • Building Fund Donation, or
  • Bursary Fund Donation, or
  • Library Fund Donation, or
  • Scholarship Fund Donation

Options are then $10, $25, $50, $100, $250 or $500

An official reciept will be sent from our accounts department after purchase.