The Barwick Family

The legacy that paved the way. 

The Barwick family is one of many who have had a long association with Calrossy Anglican School. Twin sisters, Ella and Freda Barwick commenced in Form IV in 1930, which was one of the worst years of the Great Depression.

Fortunately the newly arrived Head Mistress, Miss Parr (1930-1940) persuaded the School Council to provide a system of bursaries to help capable and deserving children with school expenses. Ella Barwick was the first recipient.

The Barwicks have continued to attend Calrossy through six generations, with a Barwick member currently attending the School today. The story of the Barwick family is a fitting testament to the decision to provide financial assistance to families during bad economic times and in good times as well, ensuring deserving students can obtain the benefits of a Calrossy education.

It is this legacy that created the pathway for the Calrossy Foundation, one that is committed to supporting the needs of current and future students.